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Steve wagner
Phone: 501-952-5495

Steve Wagner is the founder of Integrated Shaman and Integrated Shamanic Concepts, an author, ordained minister, member of The Foundation of Shamanic Studies, and a former AFPA certified personal trainer. He attended twelve years of private education concluding with Little Rock Catholic High School. Returning to college later in life, he graduated summa cum laude from the University of Central Arkansas, earning two business degrees. His exploration of World Religions at the UCA Honors College led him to the formal study of Shamanism and other spiritual practices. During this training he was designated "fireman" for the inipi (sweat lodge) and vision quests.

He established the Shamanic Journey Circle at the Academy of Holistic Arts in Little Rock in 2016. In 2020, after continued teaching circles, he developed the Shamanic Consciousness Integration Neo-Shamanic energy treatment. In 2021, he published SIMPATICO: Reconciling the Disparity of Spirituality, Ancient Wisdom, and Modern Science, along with An Essential Supplement to SIMPATICO. In 2022, he published Practical Ways to Be More Spiritual on Mike Dooley's, and joined Angel's Touch Body Wellness and Beyond Us in Conway, AR where he now practices and teaches. Later in the year, he was invited to join the cast of The Others Sides, a unique paranormal investigation social experiment TV pilot.


You can connect with and follow Steve on Facebook and Instagram @IntegratedShaman; and:

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Phone: (501) 952-5495


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