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Welcome to SIMPATICO: Blurring Lines, where the realms of spirituality, mysticism, metaphysics, ancient widsom, and science converge into a captivating exploration of our souls, our human experiences, and the mechanisms of the Universe. SIMPATICO is more than just a podcast; it is a cosmic odyssey, a bridge between realms. Inspired by my book of the same name, and our TV pilot The Others' Side (now streaming on Paraflixx and Amazon Prime Videos), this podcast promises to unravel the threads that connect us all and blur the divisive lines that separate our belief systems. From the depths of our souls to our curioius nature to the mysteries of the Universe, we will delve into profound questions, observations, and discussions to seek understanding.

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blurring lines.jpg


Meet Steve (me), our featured host, seasoned shaman and certified energy medicine practitioner, author, and paranormal investigator, whose connection to Spirit, eclectic ancestral knowledge, and background in shamanic tradition guides you on your journey to spiritual awareness. Drawing from indigenous practices, extensive study and training, and personal experience, Steve shares his insights on spiritual conceptions and works to clarify many spiritual misconceptions. His goal is to challenge your paradigms, explore cosmic mysteries, blur the lines of divisive belief systems, and reveal the divine interactive aspects of all Creation.
Then we have Rebekah, our moderator and digital content creator, a Mystic Christian whose faith is infused with mystical experiences and a deep reverence for the Divine. Through contemplative practices, study of sacred texts, and personal revelations, she illuminates the obscure aspects of Christianity and explores the universal truths that transcend restrictive religious boundaries. Rebekah proves that Christian views and spiritual beliefs are not mutually exclusive, and that their integration brings a more expansive spiritual experience.
Amber, our resident folklorist, and guardian of tales, weaves the thread of our collective stories and cultural wisdom that takes our listeners beyond the realms of the mundane. Raised to understand the power and language of crystals and stones, she absorbed their stories, which piqued her fascination with the mysteries of the Universe. Mystical and analytical, she sought out dusty archives, archaic scripts, and forgotten narratives; and bridges the worlds of the spiritual, magical, mysterious, and empirical. Both a devil's advocate and faithful believer, she questions, probes, and seeks out patterns in the chaos.
Sarah is our psychic-medium par excellence, Tarot whisperer, paranormal enthusiast, and stalker of Sasquatch (and other cryptids). Her intuitive abilities enable Sarah to decipher cryptic messages from beyond, reveal hidden truths, transcend the ordinary, and comfort those seeking solace. She believes that the veil between worlds is delicate, drawing back that velvet curtain to invite both skeptics and believers to explore the unexplained. She carries the weight of centuries of ancestral knowledge within her soul, serving as a beacon of light for those navigating the cosmic fog.

With the various viewpoints offered by our hosts, co-hosts, and guests, we hope to create a rich taperstry of insights, inviting the audience members to embark on a journey of discovery and self-reflection without boundaries. Whether you are drawn to the ancient wisdom of Shamanism or Kabbalah, the mystical depths of Christianity, the philosophical inquiry of metaphysics, the paranormal, mystical, or cryptid, SIMPATICO offers something for everyone on their spiritual quest. Tune in as we dive deeply into all the mysteries of this planet and this Universe seeking to reveal the hidden or forgotten Truth.

As we embark on this exciting new venture, I find myself filled with immense pride. Our stellar hosting team and enthusiastic production crew has poured heart and soul into creating something truly special and unique. I see this as an opportunity for all of us to learn from one another and find common ground by embracing diversity.

By the way, check out my earlier blog post The Need for Diversity and Integration at


Where to Find Us


In addition to this beatifully designed WIX website with all our contact info, you can find us on Facebook @SimpaticoThePodcast. Message us, join the community, share your thoughts, and of course, please Like and Share!


SIMPATICO will be available on all the major platforms. Whether you are an Apple Podcast enthusiast, a Spotify aficionado, a LinkedIn lover, a YouTuber, or prefer another platform, we have got you covered.


Breaking Boundaries


Our mission is to blue lines, to challenge conventional thinking, ignite curiosity, and foster connections. As we explore the esoteric, mysterious, unknown, and scientific, we invite you to join us on this thought-provoking journey. Lets rise above limitations and closed-minds, and discover the magic and mystique that exists all around us and beyond.


Tanto Amore!



Steve and Team Simpatico 

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