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Welcome to SIMPATICO where the realms of spirituality, mysticism, metaphysics, ancient wisdom, and science converge into a captivating exploration of our souls, our human experiences, the mechanisms of the universe, and more.



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Meet Steve, our shaman, author, and paranormal investigator, whose connection to Spirit, eclectic ancestral knowledge, and background in Shamanic tradition guides you on your journey to spiritual awareness. Drawing from Indigenous practices, extensive study and training, and personal experience, Steve shares his insights on spiritual conceptions and works to clarify many spiritual misconceptions. His goal is to challenge your paradigms, blur the lines of divisive belief systems, and reveal the divine interactive aspects and relativity of all Creation.


Then we have Rebekah, a Mystic Christian whose faith is infused with mystical experiences and a deep reverence for the Divine. Through contemplative practices, study of sacred texts, and personal revelations, she illuminates the obscure aspects of Christianity and explores the universal truths that transcend restrictive religious boundaries. Rebekah proves that Christian views and spiritual beliefs are not mutually exclusive, and that their integration brings a more expansive spiritual experience.


With the various viewpoints offered by our hosts, co-hosts, and guests, we hope to create a rich tapestry of insights, inviting the audience members to embark on a journey of discovery and self-reflection. Whether you are drawn to the ancient wisdom of Shamanism or Kabbalah, the mystical depths of Christianity, the paranormal or the mystical, or the philosophical inquiry of metaphysics, SIMPATICO offers something for everyone on their spiritual quest. Tune in as we dive deeply into the mysteries of the Universe and uncover the hidden or forgotten truths that unite us all.

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New episodes coming soon

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